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Honor the Vision

Honor the Vision

Remember your mission . . . .

This painting is of the magical and inspiring Flat Iron Mountains that surround Boulder, Colorado. It was painted to remind us that we each came to this planet to do something very important. Each one of us has a different mission that only you can fulfill. Part of our challenge here is slowing down enough to get in touch with our higher selves to be able to tune in and remember what our purpurpose is in this lifetime. We are all related and all connected to each other. Remember in your meditations and your walks in nature to ask to remember and to be guided to the answers to your questions. We create our reality and our experiences with our thoughts and our words. Stay conscious to this and notice your thoughts and words at all times. Remember to breath deeply. . . .

When I paint these painting, the message becomes clearer to me with the passing of time. This one was created in 1997. I thought I understood what its meanding was back then. As I become more awake about creating my reality, I understand the painting more and I remember my mission here. I do not paint these painting; I just hold the brush and ask for the vision and the message and I am grateful!

"I am praying that mankind does wake up and think about the future, for we haven't inherited this earth from our ancestors, but are borrowing ti from our unborn children." - - Chief Joseph Chasing Horse


Just the prints, no matting
Prints can be personalized by Lori either on the print itself or on the back. You give us the information when you place the order.

Honor the Vision 5X7 - $10.00       Buy Now

Honor the Vision 8X10 - $20.00     Buy Now

Honor the Vision 11X14 - $45.00     Buy Now

Honor the Vision 16x20 - $99.00     Buy Now

Each image comes hand signed by Lori and double matted.
The size represents the total matting size, thus making the image one size smaller. That means, the 16X20 Matted has an 11X14 image. 11 X 14's and 16 X 20's come with an inlaid brass nameplate.

Honor the Vision 8x10 - $29.00       Buy Now

Honor the Vision 11x14 - $69.00     Buy Now

Honor the Vision 16x20 - $99.00     Buy Now

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Note: All images have been digitally watermarked

Limited Editions Available
23 X 30 5/8
Honor the Vision Print - $325.00 Buy Now
Honor the Vision Matted - $495.00 Buy Now
Honor the Vision Framed - $725.00 Buy Now

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